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History of Bear Creek 

Welcome to Bear Creek Stables, nestled in the picturesque Santa Cruz Mountains within the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve in Los Gatos.


With a history spanning over 70 years, our stables have been a cornerstone of the local equestrian community.


Originally established by Dr. Harry L. Tevis in 1916 to house his beloved Tennessee Walking Horses on his expansive estate, Bear Creek Stables has evolved into a cherished boarding and training facility since its formal operation began in 1930. In 1999, the site was acquired by Mid Peninsula Open Space, ensuring its preservation and accessibility to the public.


Today, under the stewardship of Chaparral Ranch since 2023, Bear Creek Stables continues to thrive. We are proud to offer a range of services including boarding, lessons, camps, and various horse-related activities. Our commitment to maintaining this historic site while providing quality equestrian programs remains unwavering.


Come experience the timeless beauty and rich heritage of Bear Creek Stables, where horse lovers of all ages can forge unforgettable memories amidst the stunning backdrop of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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